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Make Your Home's First Impression Count With These Easy Curb Appeal Projects

Whether you're trying to sell your house or you just want to make a better impression on the neighborhood, adding curb appeal is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to do it quickly.

Curb appeal simply means focusing on touching up the front facade of your property as it can be seen when someone stops the car at the curb (hence the name!). This is the first impression people will have, and it's a make-or-break moment for most homebuyers.

So, how can you make over your facade without breaking the bank? Here are 5 tips for any house.

Upgrade the Entrance

The front door and surrounding entrance area should be welcoming and modern. Upgrade your old entry door to a beautiful new one. Make sure any accompanying glass is cleaned and unbroken. Repair defects in the front porch materials or add fresh new flooring.

When shopping for a new front door, look for one that complements the architectural style of the house so it doesn't stick out. A little glass, either in the door itself or on its sides, helps light up the entryway and makes it feel warmer and more approachable.

Add Color

Adding color to the yard is an easy way to make it look well cared for and cheery. The lawn should be a lush green color, which can often be accomplished with extra water and fertilizer. Trim dead branches or bushes so that only the green, living sections show. 

In addition, plant some large containers around the front porch and walkways and fill them with colorful plants that are easy to maintain (pansies and geraniums usually fit the bill). Arrange them for maximum impact when viewed from the driveway and front curb. Hang a flower basket or two to add color at eye level. 

Check the Exterior

Look up to the roof to make sure it's clean and free of obvious shingle problems. Have any visible problems repaired immediately by a professional contractor. If you haven't done so in a while, climb up on a ladder and clean out the gutters until the water from a hose runs freely. 

Likewise, think about the condition of the windows. If the windows appear new and well-maintained, potential buyers will associate this with a good overall maintenance of the house. So, if they're old or out-of-date, look for replacements that are energy-efficient and modern in appearance.

If the siding on the house is in good condition but old, try pressure washing it to remove dirt and debris. If windows don't need to be replaced, give them a good wash with a vinegar-and-water solution and your pressure hose. 

Paint as Needed

If you can't do much to a house due to your budget, painting is always an inexpensive, excellent option. A fresh coat of paint can hide many flaws and give the house a quick makeover. 

Whether or not you installed a new door, you can turn it into a focal point by painting it a more vivid color. You want a color that matches the house's style and mood but doesn't blend into the exterior facade too much.

Update Hardware

It's a small thing, but the hardware on your doors and entrance can either appeal to or turn off guests. Update the handle, door knocker and front porch light fixture to a matching set. Install complementary hardware on the garage door and finally top it off with a shiny new set of address numbers in the garage or porch. 

Any of these simple projects will help increase the immediate appeal of your house to both buyers and guests. And most can be accomplished in a single weekend or even less. So, why not get started today?